We had a great day yesterday (Sat. August 20th, 2011) having our first Open Stage day, preparing for our Talent Search next summer! Here are the people who performed, and EVERYONE did amazing! We had country and more rock/alternative performances. Three guys from Lookie TV came to check out our place and feature us on their show! We will keep you updated on how it goes so you can watch the videos and interviews and see what they thought of us! Thanks so much everyone that came out to watch, listen, or perform. We had a blast!


Sarah Steady 


Will Hensleigh and Hannah Thornburg 


Ryan Moore from Lookie TV


Mark Tronrud, our very talented sound man! 



Gage Sowell 


Craig Hall and Frank Smith 


Mark Tronrud and Mark Crawford 


Yesterda\was a great day here at Music Ranch! A great open stage day with such amazing talent, thank you for everyone who came to perform and/or listen! We were also accompanied by three really cool guys from Lookie TV, a new TV show that will be airing soon, who came to check out our place for their show! They are on the left part of our page under "Likes" if you want to check them out! We'll also keep you posted on when we will be on the show and how you can watch it!


I also want to thank you guys for your generous donations to our Mercy May McCullough fund. Mercy May is a 9 month old baby born with a liver disease that is very severe. She's undergone multiple surgeries already including her liver transplant. She's a fighter though, with such great spirit and happiness. We're glad to be able to help her family by raising money and are so glad that you helped, even if it was just the change in your pocket! We are having a benefit concert for her on September 3rd. We are excited to have Wylie and the Wild West out here performing, and 100% of the ticket prices go to Mercy. There are also raffles for a pair of women's cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, tickets to Rob Quist and Great Northern, and to Wylie and the Wild West. All raffle tickets are $1.00 and proceeds go to Mercy May.
Thanks again everyone for everything,
as always look at our website www.musicranchmontana.net for updates and more information about us. We're currently planning a TALENT SEARCH for next summer that we are extremely excited for!
Hope to see you at some shows!


Craig Hall and Will Hensleigh


Don Elliot 
Our final group was Mohr Four who were an amazing Celtic group who sing, play, and dance!