To all our Visitors,

The Music Ranch has been built from an inspiration. The need for a place where all those who want to play or sing and all those who want to listen can get together for mutual enjoyment and satisfaction in a family environment. From the beginning thought in 1995 to the present, it has been propelled by the statement in the movie "Field of Dreams" if you build it they will come.

We are blessed with an unsurpassed natural setting for this place of Music, here in Paradise Valley Montana, on the route to the main gate into Yellowstone National Park. It is our hope that many, many people of all ages, from here in North America and throughout the World will enjoy Music Ranch Montana, either as novice entertainers, acclaimed professionals or as happy listeners. We hope that you keep in touch and come by for a visit. There are a great many people involved in this dream and we all look forward to serving you.

Thank you very much for your interest.

Yours very truly,

Karen and Frank

Picture of Frank sitting at a table outside of the Music Ranch barn