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Lathifpur Kolony, Bogra - 5800, Bangladesh
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A has padded chairs, is under cover and is the closest to the stage, B has chairs provided on the lawn terraces, C is on the top and side of the lawn terraces, bring your own chair/blanket. B & C have breathtaking views of the Absarokee Mountains. Show Me Details 3 Sections To Choose From


Music Ranch Montana has great food. Kitchen opens at 5pm on show days & 6:30pm on dance nights & is open until 8:30-9pm. Show Menu Food


Don't miss out on where you want to sit for our Awesome shows. Merchandise is available in our newly remodeled store. BUY MY TICKETS NOW Tickets


Music Ranch MT has state of the art sound. No matter whether you sit in Section A or at the very back of Section C the sound will be great and our volume is at a level that gives the best intelligibility, clarity and sound quality without being too loud. What You Hear


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The Powderhorn Dance Band

December 13th 2019 Friday 7:30pm

WWW.TWANG Band (Country Dance)

Dinner  - New & exciting changes at Music Ranch!!

In years past MRM has always hired caterers to provide the food for our events. We are extremely thankful to those who catered & made it possible to have food in the previous years and a huge Thank You goes out to all those. 

However, Music Ranch has decided as of December 1st 2019 to take the food in house and has recently hired a full time cook/chef to provide food for the future events and that will be  Joe Colvin. Joe has a history of providing great, quality food & has been in the community for many years. Please join us at Music Ranch on Fri. Dec 13 for Joe’s braised brisket of beef, mashed potatoes & gravy, glazed carrots, fresh green salad or broccoli cheddar soup & homemade apple pie with wilcoxson's vanilla ice cream. 


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All shows are $5.00 more the day of the show.

(Does Not Apply To Dances)

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